• Getting started on getting it right

So here’s a picture of me and John Spence from Limagrain, and some of my cows. They have no idea they are on the brink of getting some better grazing and silage!

John and Neil Robinson from Opico came to the farm and walked all the fields and assessed them and recorded their findings on the Grassright field inspection forms. Then they came and discussed with me a plan of attack for improving the grass production in different fields.

We aren’t going to tackle all the fields in one go. We’ve prioritised them, according to what needs doing and how badly it needs it. Some fields have got compaction in, so I’ll be getting the loan of a Sward-lifter to break it up. With others, there are bare areas and more grass is needed in the sward – so I’ll be getting some help with rectifying that. I’m also going to get some advice on making better use of my slurry and fertiliser.