New dual-purpose grass mixture provides high dry matter yields

A new dual-purpose grass mixture called Hymax, combining high dry matter yields over a 3-4 year period with a good ground cover score, has been launched into the Monarch range of ley mixtures from Limagrain UK. Comprising of over 80% tetraploid hybrid ryegrasses, Hymax has the potential to produce multiple cuts of silage in addition […]

New slurry injector for use with grass slitter gives improved nutrient utilisation
OPICO has launched a new slurry injector, for mounting onto the 6m hydraulic folding Sward Slitter. Called the Slit Injector, it gives improved nutrient utilisation over splash plate applicators as slurry is delivered down to the ground and into the slots made by the slitter blades, reducing nutrient losses due to volatilisation and evaporation. The [...]
New grassland tool cleans the sward for faster fuller recovery in grazed fields

At the Livestock Show 2012, OPICO launched a new grassland management tool which allows the sward in grazed fields to re-generate faster, and more completely. Called the Pasture Harrow, this multi-tasking tool levels out molehills, disperses muck heaps and cow pats, and aerates the sward. The results: lost ground is re-gained, ‘free’ nutrients are better […]

New grass seed mixture launched for low fertility soils

Limagrain UK has introduced the Meadow Mixture, a grass ley formulation without ryegrasses, suitable for farmers wanting to recreate more traditional meadows. It is also well suited to fertility soils or to renovate damaged water meadows. The new mixture contains a range of traditional grasses including meadow fescue and Timothy. Mixed herbs or chicory can […]

New ‘long season’ grazing mixture launched for sheep and lambs

Limagrain UK has launched Matrix Sheep and Lamb grass seed mixture which contains 40% Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass to give a longer grazing season, and is specifically designed for sheep and lambs. As well as the benefits of rapid re-growth and an extended grazing season that Matrix offers, the mixture includes perennial ryegrasses and clover varieties […]

GrowHow introduces new blueprint for grass growth

Deciding which fertilisers fit best into your livestock management system is now a little easier with the introduction by GrowHow UK of a new booklet. Called the Blueprint for Growth – Grass, it was launched at the Dairy Event on September 6. “In essence, Blueprint for Growth is about looking carefully at the fertiliser options on an individual […]

New ley mixture for extended grazing includes Timothy for extra palatability and early season growth

Limagrain UK has extended its range of Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass mixtures for extended grazing systems with the introduction of a new mixture which includes Timothy grass for extra palatability and early season growth. Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass is a festulolium which starts growing at lower temperatures than perennial ryegrasses, and so provides an extended grazing season. […]