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Grass reseed puts money in the bank

The amount of temporary grass, under five years old, has fallen by 18% in the past two years which indicates that less grassland is being reseeded and the average age of our leys is getting older. Despite producers targeting increased production from homegrown forage, the prolonged downturn in milk prices and pressure on cashflows has […]

Taking control of silage-making has boosted production

A move to DIY silage-making using a forage wagon has helped one organic Somerset dairy get milk from forage up over the 5000-litre mark. Getting cows to produce decent quantities of milk throughout the lactation in an organic system can be something of a challenge given the limited range of available sources of concentrate protein […]

First cut LGAN grass seed mixture looks good.

Richard Horsington from Sherborne, Dorset has just taken his first cut of the new grass seed mixture from Limagrain LGAN Silage and Grazing Mixture. Although he’s awaiting the analysis, initial impressions are good. “We made 220 round bales of silage from 25 acres which is very good for this field – it was a bulky […]

New high energy grass seed mixture for intensive grazing

Limagrain UK has launched a new range of LGAN-branded grass seed mixtures which have been scientifically formulated to increase meat/milk production from grass. Amongst the new ley mixtures is Intensive Grazing which consists of 100% tetraploid perennial ryegrasses plus a white clover blend: it promises to deliver good palatability, a high yield of energy, and […]

Improving grassland productivity: from the soil below to the sward on top!

To maximise the performance from grassland it was important to take a ‘bottom up’ approach: to ensure soil structure was in good condition, to tailor fertiliser applications to cost-effectively correct nutrient shortfalls, to reseed regularly to maintain good yields and quality, and to keep swards clean with targeted weed control programmes. These were just some […]

Launch of new high quality grass seed mixtures formulated to maximise animal performance
Plant breeder Limagrain UK has launched a new range of grass seed mixtures which have been scientifically formulated to deliver high levels of energy and give an enhanced level of animal performance. The mixtures contain grass varieties selected not only for their high sugar content, but also for their good digestibility and overall high energy [...]
New 4.5m hydraulic-folding 5-leg grassland subsoiler for larger tractors
OPICO has expanded its existing Sward Lifter range with the introduction of a new 4.5m hydraulic-folding 5-leg model, available with either shear-bolt or hydraulic reset leg protection. Designed to break up hard pans and surface compaction whilst lifting and opening the subsoil, the new Sward Lifter is ideal for large-scale farmers and contractors. It is [...]
High yields and versatility of white clover variety demonstrated
According to the new BSPB Recommended Grass and Clover List for 2013/14, white clover variety Violin not only has the highest dry matter yields, but also demonstrates the ability to persist in both rotational and intensive grazing situations, making it a very versatile clover for inclusion in many types of grass ley, says Limagrain’s Ian [...]
Improving grassland by taking a ‘bottom-up’ integrated approach
A series of free talks on improving grassland productivity were held in January and February 2013, with speakers from the Grassright Group. The events, entitled ‘Bottom Up Grass Production’ were at locations in Cheshire, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Devon, and covered the benefits of removing soil compaction to improve soil structure, ensuring optimal use of [...]
New white clover variety is ideal for both grazing and cutting leys
A new medium to large-leaved white clover variety called Violin, is now being marketed by Limagrain UK. According to the England and Wales Recommended List, Violin combines high DM yields in the second and third year, with good persistency. Combining a larger leaf with excellent persistency makes Violin suitable for both cutting and grazing leys. [...]