• New white clover variety is ideal for both grazing and cutting leys

A new medium to large-leaved white clover variety called Violin, is now being marketed by Limagrain UK. According to the England and Wales Recommended List, Violin combines high DM yields in the second and third year, with good persistency. Combining a larger leaf with excellent persistency makes Violin suitable for both cutting and grazing leys.

Limagrain’s Ian Misselbrook explains: “Violin is unusual in that its leaf size actually falls in-between being called medium and large. Regardless of its exact category, its leaf size confers the potential for high yields, whilst at the same time it also has good persistency under hard defoliation pressure – a feature that is more typical of small-leaved varieties of white clover. This unique combination of characteristics makes Violin the most versatile white clover variety available.”

In 2013, Violin will be included in some of Limagrain’s white clover blends, including the pelleted seed blend CloverPlus. Violin is also available to seed merchants.

For more information contact Limagrain UK on 01472 371471 or email info@limagrain.co.uk