• New 4.5m hydraulic-folding 5-leg grassland subsoiler for larger tractors

OPICO has expanded its existing Sward Lifter range with the introduction of a new 4.5m hydraulic-folding 5-leg model, available with either shear-bolt or hydraulic reset leg protection. Designed to break up hard pans and surface compaction whilst lifting and opening the subsoil, the new Sward Lifter is ideal for large-scale farmers and contractors. It is suitable for tractors of 150hp upwards and folds down to 3m for transport.

The new Sward Lifter has a Cat III Linkage, heavy duty headstock and folding frame. It incorporates all the standard features of the existing 3-leg machines: a Prisma roller, leg spacing of 90cm, and replaceable reversible shins on the fronts of the legs which can be fitted with either cast winged points or cast 6cm chisel points.

The Sward Lifter has a disc at the front which cuts through the turf, enabling the subsoiling leg to travel through the sward without contaminating the surface with soil. Damage is prevented by way of a shear-bolt or hydraulic reset system fitted to each leg, which is then followed by individual spring loaded rollers which press the turf back down, leaving a smooth sward with minimal soil contamination.

The shear-bolt model is suitable for lighter soils, whilst the hydraulic reset model is ideal for stonier conditions.

OPICO MD James Woolway says: “Timing is essential to achieve the full benefits of sward-lifting. The ground needs to be in the ideal condition so the soil lifts and fractures but the machine doesn’t smear the surface. By using a wider 4.5m machine, higher work rates can be achieved, so more ground can be covered during windows of opportunity.”

The 4.5m Sward Lifter costs £15,539+VAT for the shear-bolt model, and £21,649+VAT for the hydraulic reset model. For more details, contractors and farmers can contact OPICO on 01778 421111 or visit the website www.opico.co.uk